ArthaLand is all about creating insightful real estate projects designed to be constantly significant to the customers we serve. We want to be adaptable to new situations, technologies and needs. This is the spirit behind future proof designs.

To be future proof, we have identified six principles to guide us in all our real estate developments

Thoughtful Planning and Space Management - Future Proof by Design - ArthaLand

Thoughtful Planning &
Space Management

Every inch of an ArthaLand real estate development is well-planned and well thought-out so users can make the most, not only of the space they occupy, but also the rest of the development. We design anticipating what matters most to the buyers and translate these into the plans. We make sure to provide the must-haves that customers expect and the right amenities common to similar developments. And then, we surprise our customers with well thought-out extras, making our projects unique and differentiated. Where applicable, we create multi-use spaces: flexible features that may be adapted to possible changes in the future.

Quality Assurance - Future Proof by Design - ArthaLand

Quality Assurance

Whether for better living or working conditions, real estate is always a huge investment. At ArthaLand, we our customers the best value for what they pay for today, and where we can, even more for their investment. It is this preference for the exceptional that allows us to protect assets now and in the future. Because we choose the best—from our choice of location, to design specifications and reputable consultants and suppliers, to superior workmanship and construction process, down to our efficient after-sales services and warranties—we know that our customers’ investments will appreciate over time.

Being a boutique developer, one of our core mandates – together with sustainability and innovative design – is to put keen attention to every detail. This spells our difference, this insures your investment.

Safety and Security - Future Proof by Design - ArthaLand

Safety & Security

Peace of mind is important to our customers. That’s why from design to implementation, we consider all features to make their stay worry free. At the design stage, we consider the best configuration and the necessary systems installations to make the project secure. Then upon operations, our well trained Property Management team will ensure that sound practices are implemented. At ArthaLand, we make it a point to give our customers that nice, secure feeling.

Operating Efficiency - Future Proof by Design - ArthaLand

Operating Efficiency

Special attention must be paid to cost analysis of building components including how it will perform throughout its useful life. This is called life cycle costing. We choose the right products to future proof against costly maintenance and replacement in the long term; we don’t just go for what is cheaper now.

We give special attention to energy efficiency because we know how it impacts on operational costs. We add features to control energy usage and adopt designs that allow users not to be overly dependent on energy.

As a natural resource, we also take water conservation seriously. This is why we make sure to build in features in our developments that enables our residents and tenants to its use and wastage. Our developments are designed to have rain water collection facility, dual piping system, and use water-efficient fixtures.

Consequently, these efficient operations measures protect the environment. Now that is future proof: to ensure a clean environment for the next generations.

Enabling Technology - Future Proof by Design - ArthaLand

Enabling Technology

Good design and wise use of technology should be an enabler for people. At ArthaLand, we will use the latest applicable technology and add sustainable features that actually work, so people may have control depending on their needs. We keep ourselves updated with features that our markets and the industry may require. Then we incorporate technologies that are most valuable to them, while maintaining the flexibility to still adapt to future upgrades.

Total Living Experience - Future Proof by Design - ArthaLand

Total Living Experience

True to our name, ArthaLand ultimately seeks more balanced, more meaningful, and healthier lifestyles for our customers. We incorporate sustainable designs that foster better health and improved comfort: natural daylight, shading from direct sunlight, fresh air intake, greens and landscapes. These not only help promote more comfortable environments, they also decrease human dependence on energy and operations costs. We also provide practical luxuries—features and amenities for recreation to deliver a well-rounded and more complete development.